Isons Consultants provides two distinct services to its clients; marketing and procurement.

A brief account of these services is given as under:
Isons Consultants help and guide small scale businesses how to present or market themselves. With this purpose we help our clients improve their online presence and apparently better present business to reach as many people as possible. We also guide clients how to improve customer service to get customer loyalty and even get more leads from existing customers.

A core set of marketing services is given as under:

  1. Web development and hosting services through professional web developers.
  2. Continuously work on the web assets to improve online rating of business which is means of good business for the client.
  3. Guide and help to develop business theme and banner ads to make presentation of business better.
  4. Designing and printing of advertising material like business cards, business logos, leaflets, menu books, business diaries, sign boards and banners etc.
  5. Arrange relevant clients' database for the business which can bring increased sales for the business.
  6. Help make business to business (B2B) contracts for clients which can benefit both the parties.
  7. Help in preparing survey questions in order to conduct research for different products.
  8. Suggest different ways of advertising a product and evaluate performance.

Main target market for these services is small service firms.